Teletubbies Theme Song and Teletubbies Lyrics

Teletubbies Intro and Theme Song Videos For Kids Teletubbies say “eh-oh!”

Teletubbies Lyrics “Teletubbies Theme Song”

Over the hills and far away,
Teletubbies come to play ….
Time for teletubbies,
time for teletubbies,
time for teletubbies….
Tinkywinky. “Tinkywinky!”
Dipsy. “Dipsy!”
Laalaa. “Laalaa!”
Po. “Po!”
Teletubbies. “Teletubbies!”
Say, Heeeeee-lo! “Eh-oh!”
Tinkywinky. Dipsy. Laalaa. Po.
Teletubbies. “Teletubbies!”
Say Heeeeeee ……… “Uh-oh!”
“Where have the teletubbies gone ?
Where have the teletubbies gone?”

Teletubbies Intro Song 1 hour long teletubbies noo noo

1 hour repeat of teletubbies intro for bottle feeding your toddler 🙂

Teletubbies Intro [HD]

Teletubbies say “Eh-oh!” – Music Video Videos For Kids


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