Persons of interest soundtrack plus lyrics! Are you a fan of a person of interest tv show? Looking for person of interest soundtrack? You’ve come to the right place. Ben Linus and Jesus Christ! Jesus! Interesting show right here, people, right? I mean, we haven’t seen a plot this uniqueContinue Reading

2011 This show will definitely rule. So, what do you think? Premiere was shown just last Sunday so I guess it’s too early to judge. But expectations are definitely high for this one. Good thing about HBO though is they know just how to promote their originals “just right.” LikeContinue Reading

2005–2009 You can only break out of so many prisons. Here we go. The main theme song for Prison Break was composed by German-born Ramin Djawadi. On this blog we know him for his work on the FlashForward theme song, but he may well be more known for scoring theContinue Reading