Eat your heart out, Criminal Minds, Profiler came first. True fans would know that there were two profilers in the show’s four-season run. Ally Walker as Dr. Samantha Waters for seasons 1 to 3, and Jamie Luner as Dr. Rachel Burke for the fourth and final season. Now, because theContinue Reading

Anisha Nagarajan should be given more credit as a hottie. Alright, I wanted to wait for this one as there is not much useful information out there regarding this theme, but what the heck, the series is nearing the end of its maiden season and there is no word yetContinue Reading

Now we can make a detailed and finished post for Scrubs, now that it’s over. The theme song that we have all come to love, as most probably already know, is officially entitled “Superman.” It is by Lazlo Bane, a band based in Santa Monica, California. Credited for writing theContinue Reading

I can’t believe the first season of this show is still not yet finished. Anyway, no word yet on a second season. This show is not really known for its theme song and opening, but let us archive it anyway. It has one of those ten-second titles—which should really, reallyContinue Reading

2011 Some interesting tidbits of information here. First, the opening theme song. Sounds cool, right? But it is way too short—especially considering this is a David E. Kelley creation. Now, original music for Harry’s Law is credited to the Transcenders. We encountered them earlier from the Gossip Girl theme, soContinue Reading

2010–present; also “Law & Order: LA theme song” The faith of this series hangs in the balance. This post may well be about our disgust in the lack thereof—a proper theme song and opening for Law & Order: Los Angeles. The series actually started with one of those ten-second titles,Continue Reading

2006–present There’s some confusion regarding this theme song. First, the facts. The theme is an original by W.G. “Snuffy” Walden, whom we have encountered in the themes for The West Wing and My So-Called Life among others. Some also credit Bennett Salvay (alongside) for the theme, but it is hardContinue Reading

1986–1990 Now that I have a little more time, I’ll write about a really cool theme song. ALF lasted four seasons, between 1986 and 1990, and it had two distinct opening theme songs. However, in reality, the second song is just a “toned down” version of the first. The firstContinue Reading

2011 Keep ‘em canceled shows coming for Summer Glau. Damn. To tell you the truth, this show was unique and different and I thought people would understand that. Anyway, it had its theme song, so let us archive it here. Nothing really much to say about the tune except thatContinue Reading