2009–present This show is just…well…dumb. Yes, offense. But, that definitely will not stop us from making a buck out of it. So, let me make this quick and painless. The intro and main theme song for Jersey Shore—that show that represents everything that is wrong with this world—is entitled “GetContinue Reading

1997–2001 This is one of those songs that’s annoying at first. Actually, you know what, let me just describe it as brilliantly annoying. The song in question was performed by the alternative band Splendora. Sound familiar? I didn’t think so either, and that’s because the Daria theme song is theirContinue Reading

2006-present We do not have The Hills here in the Philippines, but I do not need that to know that Kristin Cavallari is one helluva cute babe. So apparently, The Hills is another one of those reality following-a-group-of-famous-people type shows. Anyway, we are only concerned about the theme song—and itContinue Reading

A double shot at the Ikki Twins “Seriously, who watches these shows?” …is what I would say if I were trying to pose as an uber intellectual, but, bottom line is, they’re entertaining. The aptly chosen theme song, is aptly entitled “Ooh Uh Huh.” It is by the girl bandContinue Reading