Great show with a great opening theme—as with most HBO originals. The theme from Six Feet Under is the work of one of the most recognized American film composers, Thomas Newman. He has had multiple Academy Award nominations, ten in total, but has yet to win one. Examples of hisContinue Reading

2010-present Another HBO original you should check out, especially if you like Shannyn Sossamon. Alright, proper titles, and proper, proper theme song on this one. The opening theme for How to Make It in America is a song entitled “I Need a Dollar” (quite obvious, isn’t it?). It is byContinue Reading

2011 This show will definitely rule. So, what do you think? Premiere was shown just last Sunday so I guess it’s too early to judge. But expectations are definitely high for this one. Good thing about HBO though is they know just how to promote their originals “just right.” LikeContinue Reading

2010 Alright, so The Pacific is a sister show (whatever that means) to the mega-successful Band of Brothers from 2001. It was an epic show, so it had an epic theme song as well. The song is entitled “Honor”. As per the original soundtrack, it is officially credited as “HonorContinue Reading

2009-present The show’s creator’s name is also Jonathan Ames. You’d get that if you are a true fan. So, if you know Jason Schwartzman, you would know that he is an all-around musician. He was the drummer of the band Phantom Planet, who performed the theme song for The O.C.Continue Reading

2003–2005 And to quote a fan comment from some Carnivàle article, “HBO sucks for not continuing this genius show.” Could not have said it any better. The instrumental theme song from Carnivàle is by Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman. Collaboratively, they are known as the Wendy & Lisa duo. InContinue Reading

2004–2006 Let’s go David Schwartz all the way today. Well, so I guess that’s it. Deadwood, that American Western drama series set in the 1800s, had its opening theme song composed by David Schwartz. Mr. Schwartz also happens to be the subject of our last two posts—Northern Exposure theme andContinue Reading

2010-present We are still on HBO shows, and this one, damn, what a powerhouse cast and crew. It is said that the first episode of Boardwalk Empire—the one directed by Martin Scorsese—was the most expensive pilot episode produced in television history. Just a tidbit you might be interested in. Anyway,Continue Reading

So, you are looking for Treme theme song? You’ve come to the right place. HBO never fails to come up with cool theme song slash opening sequences for its shows. And tv show Treme is one of the newest examples for such. And it should, as the show is musician-centred.Continue Reading