2011 Yes, Jennifer Beals, yes. Alright, another new show with a proper opening theme. Things are looking good. The theme song for The Chicago Code—that crime series starring Flashdance goddess Jennifer Beals—is a piece by Canadian composer Robert Duncan. So far we have credited Mr. Duncan for the themes ofContinue Reading

1997–2010; also “Hank of the Hill theme song“ and “King Hank theme song” R.I.P. Brittany Murphy. The theme song from King of the Hill is officially entitled “Yahoos and Triangles.” It is by the Arizona-based band The Refreshments—known in the nineties for their hit single “Banditos.” It is said thatContinue Reading

2005–2009 You can only break out of so many prisons. Here we go. The main theme song for Prison Break was composed by German-born Ramin Djawadi. On this blog we know him for his work on the FlashForward theme song, but he may well be more known for scoring theContinue Reading

I just saw this the other day and I do think it has promise. It does have an apt theme song though, to say the least. Or is it just because of the song’s title? “Daddy-O” is the opening theme song for Raising Hope. It is by The Freelance Economy.Continue Reading

2003–2006 This was a really, really good show. Unfortunately (I think), it was not picked up by the masses. As for the opening theme song, well, it was short, apt and simple. And, there is really not much to say about it except that it was composed by known televisionContinue Reading

1990–2000 This is the original, the one that started it all, the godfather. Alright, let’s proceed. Whichever Beverly Hills, 90210 theme song version or remix you know of, only remember one name—composer John E. Davis. Of course there is the one main theme that we all know and love—which hasContinue Reading

1992–1999; 2009–2010 This is why it is never a good idea to put a bunch of attractive people in one place, let alone one show. The 2009 version should never have been, just like the new 90210. Anyway, as we all know, we are in that time where 5-second openingContinue Reading

1994–2000 Let’s continue with the nineties theme. Among the careers, this show helped launch include Matthew Fox, Neve Campbell, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. But we’re not here for them. We’re here simply for the theme song, and its theme song, as with nearly all successful 90s shows, is an integralContinue Reading