Beth Behrs is cute! Truth be told, I don’t think this series is gonna last long. I mean, well, it’s a different kind of funny, and it doesn’t appeal to everyone. Now on to the theme. Although in the opening the tune seems like something randomly pieced together, it’s actuallyContinue Reading

Persons of interest soundtrack plus lyrics! Are you a fan of a person of interest tv show? Looking for person of interest soundtrack? You’ve come to the right place. Ben Linus and Jesus Christ! Jesus! Interesting show right here, people, right? I mean, we haven’t seen a plot this uniqueContinue Reading

This is for the semi-new sitcom on CBS starring American Pie‘s Jason Biggs and one of my favorite always-the-odd-character actors, Judy Greer. Now, let me be honest with you and go straight to the point—the theme song for Mad Love still remains a mystery. No information is available out thereContinue Reading

This is for the whole franchise Just to recap—because technically there is only one Mission: Impossible theme song—let’s look at what the franchise has come up with so far. From Wikipedia: Mission: Impossible, the original 1966-1973 television series Mission: Impossible, the 1988-1990 television series revival Mission: Impossible, the 1996 filmContinue Reading

2003–2005 Ah, the God argument—there is no other. The theme song for Joan of Arcadia is popular in its own right—possibly more famous than the show that is. The song, “One of Us”, was a big, big hit in the 90s (case in point: I can still remember the chords).Continue Reading

1990–1995 I have to admit, I do not remember much about this show except for the moose in the opening. It sure did have a rockin’ theme song though, which is just so relaxing to listen to. Audiophiles, this is a good gear tester. The song, normally credited as “ThemeContinue Reading

1993–2001 I often wonder why the world chose Chuck Norris to be this big-a-phenomenon. I’m not complaining though, he’s funny and he rocks (and is such a badass!), and by the way, he is now 70 years old. Thanks in part to Conan, this show is now and will alwaysContinue Reading

1969–1972; the original This is for the original theme song, the one that goes “Scooby-dooby-doo, where are you”. I understand the real title of that animated series is “Scooby Doo, Where Are You!”, hence the long post title. There’s also a 2000s version entitled “What’s New, Scooby-Doo?”, and we’ll includeContinue Reading