Raising Hope Theme Song

I just saw this the other day and I do think it has promise.

Raising Hope Cast on Melanie Griffith Arc

It does have an apt theme song though, to say the least. Or is it just because of the song’s title? “Daddy-O” is the opening theme song for Raising Hope. It is by The Freelance Economy. For the life of me, I could not find any information on The Freelance Economy. It seems like they’re a band, but they might just be one of those impromptu groups started by the show’s producers or something. I do not know. Any information will be welcomed.

And, either this show does not have that many fans or FOX is just super strict on copyright issues, but they do not have one decent fan video on YouTube. Although below, maybe it really is about copyright issues, but some dude uploaded the sequence mirror imaged. It’s good enough for now. At least we can hear the song.

Raising Hope Opening Theme Song

Do you also like the Big Bang Theory? Mayim Bialik? Then here is the Blossom Theme Song and Lyrics with Mayim Bialik as a leading actress.


  1. Someone pointed out your blog and I figured I’d respond.

  2. WOW it’s so cool for the composer of such a great choon to come forward and share the info everyone wants! I’m trying to get hold of the theme tune to use as a ringtone as I like it so much. If it’s available I’d love to know

  3. Wow, finaly i found an info about this song!

    I would like to buy this song… any idea where i can find it?

  4. Also did the theme song for a show on Hbo/ Cinemax, called a Girls Guide to Depravity. The theme song is great and has a 40s lounge jazz appeal to it. I’ve been searching for the info as well. Seems I found the female vocalist for the tune, but, alas, can’t find the tune to buy or even listen to with decent quality.

    The name of the song is ” Follow the Rules”.

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