I have to say, I love this show! But I also like Wizards of Waverly Place, you can find lyrics and all the interesting videos here  Well, most probably because my daughter is nuts about it, and she has been watching it for most of her life—all 2 years ofContinue Reading

Still going strong, this show. See, the problem with this theme is people think it came from some song. Let me disappoint you this early on and say that it did not, and that there is no obscure song from which they took the excerpt from. Sorry. People who knowContinue Reading

Yes, I have a kid now, and these are the shows that are always on rotation on the tube—24/7! Which is why I have a lot of kiddie shows in my theme songs-to-blog list, and this is definitely on top. Why? Because aside from being one of the catchiest, itContinue Reading

Beth Behrs is cute! Truth be told, I don’t think this series is gonna last long. I mean, well, it’s a different kind of funny, and it doesn’t appeal to everyone. Now on to the theme. Although in the opening the tune seems like something randomly pieced together, it’s actuallyContinue Reading

The plot of Revenge is very soap opera-like; in my country, it would be likened to that of a telenovela’s. Still, it has the great Madeline Stowe, the gorgeous Emily VanCamp, and a storyline good enough to spark interest and followers, and that want-to-know-what-happens-next style of delivery. Forget about theContinue Reading

Persons of interest soundtrack plus lyrics! Are you a fan of a person of interest tv show? Looking for person of interest soundtrack? You’ve come to the right place. Ben Linus and Jesus Christ! Jesus! Interesting show right here, people, right? I mean, we haven’t seen a plot this uniqueContinue Reading

2012–present Arrow is a girl’s show. Okay, that may be a bit harsh, but it does appeal to a lot of women. Why? Because of all the muscles. I mean, seriously, Stephen Amell, that’s some serious meat you’re packing. Jesus. (So ladies, the photo on the left is a tributeContinue Reading

2012-present Kerry Washington. Nice. Truth be told, Scandal only became worthwhile during its second season. Agree? Let’s just say it became a lot more interesting. Anyway, Scandal isn’t really much of a theme song show, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have good music. Besides, its chief composer is aContinue Reading