Modern Family Theme Song

Modern Family—the latest comedy series to hit ABC, and, it’s making quite the buzz. I do not, however, have any useful information about the song used in the opening credits—the one that goes “Hey, hey…” but we have a video. Although, it barely is a theme song, which seems to be quite the trend these days. No more snappy theme songs that would make us nostalgic in the days to come when the shows are no longer aired.

Anyway, some original music is credited to a composer named Gabriel Mann. I will clear and organize all of this information in the future.

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  1. It’s Big Bad Voodoo Daddy’s song called “Big and Bad.”

  2. Macy’s Dad is right, it is “Big and Bad” by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

    I just noticed that today…

  3. The theme song is an original composition by Gabriel Mann and Tom Marino plays all the trumpet parts on the song.

  4. Not too much of an original composition as it sounds suspiciously like two different Big Bad Voodoo Daddy songs: “Jumping Jack” (1998) and “Big and Bad” (1999).

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