One of the better theme songs for cartoons of the past. Love that guitar work.

King Arthur and the Knights of Justice (1992)

Unfortunately for this one, additional information for the tune is limited. In fact, the only written, or credited, name for music is that of the company Saban Entertainment. I, for one, have become familiar with Saban because of its founders Haim Saban and Shuki Levy, who I have encountered many times as composers of popular animated series themes—see “Tags” below and click on their names to find out what they have done.

Anyway, let’s just relive the sequence. As most of you might remember, it starts with a short (but powerful) narration (by Merlin):

And then, from the field of the future a new king will come to save to world of the past.

And then, the complete and correct lyrics.

King Arthur and the Knights of Justice Theme Song Lyrics

Ride through the storm, see the knights fighting evil and crime
A modern day team of heroes in medieval times
Arthur and the Knights of Justice, putting evil down
Ride through the storm with the knights of the table ’round
Come on, come on
King Arthur ride

Would have loved to know who’s behind that voice (and the band).

King Arthur and The Knights of Justice Opening Theme Song

Below is the opening theme song for the King Arthur and the Knights of Justice


  1. I fucking love this im a do a cover with my band

  2. im a do a cover with my band i fucking love this

  3. Have you heard: Shannon- Let the music play?

    I can’t help but feel there is a connection. . . . I have been on a decades journey to know about this theme songs history

  4. American band, “The Eagles” did the instrumental and vocals for King Arthur and the Knights of Justice.

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