FlashForward Full Theme Song Video and FlashForward Theme Song Lyrics

This is about ABC’s FlashForward—the one where everyone simultaneously loses consciousness for 2 minutes and 17 seconds—as research tells me there was a Disney show in the 90s called Flash Forward (with a space between “flash” and “forward”). More on that is here 

So, FlashForward is kind of cool, but rumour has it that it won’t live to see another season. “Net talk,” says that its theme song is Adam Lambert’s “Mad World.” It is in fact, the one used in promotions.

Human Target Theme Song

flashforward cast

It has, however, a very short opening sequence, where for about 5 seconds, they “flash” the show’s main logo backed by some sort of a futuristic bit of music. Series original music is credited to a certain Ramin Djawadi, an Iranian composer, who is also credited for his work on Prison Break and Clash of the Titans.

FlashForward Full Theme Song Video

Who is your favourite actor from the Flashforward cast?  Do you like the FlashForward end credits theme song?

“FlashForward” Trailer Video

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