Caillou Theme Song Video Caillou Theme Song Remix Remixed by Attic Stein Beats We took these videos from YouTube and the Caillou Theme Song has 9.3 million views while Caillou Theme Song Remix has 24 million, isn’t it weird? Which one do you like more? I’m Caillou (Caillou Theme Song Lyrics)Continue Reading

This is for the Philippine cable network, Jack TV; this is the one played almost every commercial and in between shows. Man, this is just a fun theme song. Actually, I don’t know if its that good or they just play the crap out of it everyday, but, it’s catchyContinue Reading

1998–2003 How could I have forgotten about this when I have the CD! Oops, actually it’s my sister’s. Anyway, this is a very known and obvious theme song so let’s just get it over and done with. The song is “I Don’t Want to Wait” by American artist Paula Cole.Continue Reading

Also, “veggie tales theme song” VeggieTales is originally a direct-to-video computer animated series that was later on featured by the Qubo children’s programming block seen in NBC, Telemundo, and Ion Television networks among others. The theme song was written by Kurt Heinecke and Lisa Vischer. It is of course sungContinue Reading

2000–2006 Frankie Muniz is a man now. Alright, here goes. The theme song for Malcolm in the Middle was written and recorded by the American rock band They Might Be Giants. It is entitled “Boss of Me”. You might know They Might Be Giants for—what I consider their most popularContinue Reading

2010 Let’s see how long this show will last. Well, at least it has got some stars (fallen?) in it—Jim Belushi and Jerry O’Connell. The show is about two defense attorneys from Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s supposed to be funny, wait, correction, it is supposed to be a comedy-drama—so anytimeContinue Reading

Jeff Hardy, the wrestler, has used a number of entrance songs throughout his career. However, possibly the most noted and associated theme song to his name is the instrumental “Loaded” by Zack Tempest. Below is said theme song. Agree? Of course. Naturally, “Loaded” was also used by The Hardy Boyz.Continue Reading

Alright, so in this blog, we’re not limited to television shows and movies. What we’re going to tackle in this post is the theme song to, well, circuses. Circus—as in clowns, rodeos, flying trapezes. Yes, I believe circuses have theme songs. It’s not official however (how can it be), butContinue Reading

Yes, believe it or not, Manny Pacquiao—as in possibly the world’s greatest boxer—has a theme song. The pound for pound king recently collaborated with a Filipino-Scottish rock band called Rag Rag and Filipina Madonna Decena of Britain’s Got Talent Fame to come up with an official theme song. The songContinue Reading