2010 – present Ah, the great Betty White. Hot in Cleveland is the first all-original series of the cable network TV Land; given that, they’re doing quite good—already renewed for a third season. It has a very short, 10-second title sequence that shows nothing but a play in the show’sContinue Reading

Glad to be back. This is primarily for the American series and partly for the Danish series. American – AMC Here’s a fairly new series from AMC. First season is done and did quite well, and the order for a 13-episode second season has already been made official. The KillingContinue Reading

Way too cool theme tune. And you know why? Because it is by one of the top metal vocalists of all time—Dee Snider from the band Twisted Sister. That’s right. How many shows—some don’t even consider this a show really, as it was just a segment of Eek! The Cat—canContinue Reading

If you ask me, this theme is definitely in the top five for cartoons. Pole Position! So, remember in my Rainbow Brite post I said I don’t remember the last time I searched for an animated series without the names Shuki Levy and Haim Saban? So now guess who composedContinue Reading

Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Bo Jackson as cartoon characters. What a concept. Let’s start with the opening sequence and theme—what else? Sorry for the long and irritating intro. Here are the lyrics. ProStars theme song lyrics Michael’s prime is slam time ProStars, show stars Wayne’s hot slam shot BoContinue Reading

This is for the original animated series, what else? There has been a long-time, ongoing mystery behind this theme, and the question remains unanswered: Who were the performers? Besides the chants from the turtles, of course. In fact, there is an ongoing open thread at IMDb regarding this one. (Damn,Continue Reading

So, today we are going to talk about Rainbow Brite cartoon, or rainbow bride as some people sometimes mistake it for 🙂 What is or who is rainbow brite? Rainbowbrite cartoon is a nice cartoon that a lot of children, as well as adults, like. Including me. Well, it isContinue Reading