1990 Hey, hey, hey! Hey, so Merry Christmas everybody! As I write this it is already the 26th of December, but I realize it is still Christmas to some of you. So hey, from me and all of us here at Theme Songs, we wish you the merriest, and weContinue Reading

Alright, so I just watched The Book of Eli the other night, and there, for me, was an obvious theme song. Obvious because it was repeated, and it had a very repetitive—almost annoying—melody. The song I am talking about is the one played at the end credits. By the way,Continue Reading

The dum di-di dum dum song I realize, how can this site be an authority in the world of theme songs if it does not have the most iconic theme song of all? Yes, we all know that James Bond, or the James Bond/007 series of films, has but oneContinue Reading

Michael Myers is the primary antagonist the Halloween series of films, and yes, he has a very scary theme song. In the original movie, he was credited as The Shape so this post also works out as “the shape theme song.” In fact, this can also work out as theContinue Reading

“taran, taran…taran…” First, and once again, let’s get our facts straight. The Pink Panther is a series of comedy films. The first film, the one officially entitled “The Pink Panther”, was shown in 1963. Since then there had been 11 Pink Panther movies made, with the last two starring SteveContinue Reading

Having a single, all-out theme song for the Harry Potter series of films is, I think, impossible. After all, each film has its own soundtrack—making the official soundtrack count eight. Yes, there are 8 official soundtracks, 1 for each film. There are seven books, but Harry Potter and the DeathlyContinue Reading

If you ask me, I’d say the Kill Bill theme song is the whistle song. The whistle song is entitled “Twisted Nerve” (yes, it’s a real song!) by Bernard Herrmann. That song is actually older than Kill Bill because it was originally used for the 1968 film of the sameContinue Reading

2008 This sure does look a lot like Finding Nemo; even the American poster is Nemo-inspired. What the heck. Ponyo is an award-winning Japanese animated film released in 2008. The original title is Gake no Ue no Ponyo which literally means “Ponyo on the Cliff.” In North America, Ponyo wasContinue Reading

Let’s do movies for a change Movies are tricky, not unless of course you’re thinking of something like Titanic, in which only Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” comes to mind. In The Time Traveler’s Wife (which I just watched last night), I came across two songs which couldContinue Reading

First, a brief history… Shaft started out as a 1971 film directed by Gordon Parks. It revolves around the life of private detective John Shaft—portrayed by Richard Roundtree—as he travels and battles thorugh Harlem and the Italian mob neighborhoods. After the film, a series of television movies of the theContinue Reading