About The Munsters The Munsters was an American television sitcom created by Allan Burns and Chris Hayward. It depicts the home life of a family of monsters. It starred Fred Gwyne as Herman Munster, Yvonne De Carlo as Lily Munster, and also starred Al Lewis, Pat Priest and Butch PatrickContinue Reading

The theme song of Saving Grace is of the same title, “Saving Grace,” which was written and performed by rapper/musician, Everlast. Everlast, born Erik Schrody was the frontman of House of Pain until 1996. To date, he is best known for his hits “What It’s Like” and his collaboration withContinue Reading

What’s the most famous four-note musical introduction phrase of all time? Beethoven’s Fifth? Probably, but The Addams Family theme song comes a close second. The show featured a very memorable and catchy theme song composed and sang by Vic Mizzy, who also composed the theme to Green Acres. It featuresContinue Reading

About Pineapple Express Pineapple Express is an American comedy film released in 2008 starring Seth Rogen, James Franco, Gary Cole and Rosie Perez among others. It was directed by David Gordon Green and was written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. “Pineapple Express,” as depicted in the film, is aContinue Reading

About Growing Pains Growing Pains was an American television sitcom that ran on the ABC network from 1985 to 1992. The premise of show revolves around the fictional Seaver family, headed by Dr. Jason Seaver, who takes care of his three kids, and his wife, Maggie Malone. Some notable guestContinue Reading

Here’s something that probably none of you can relate to, but I know for a fact that people are searching for this one. About Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra Vincent Lopez, born December 30, 1895, was a U.S. bandleader and pianist. His band started broadcasting on a then new mediumContinue Reading

Just finished watching season 7, so I thought I’d post (and learn) something about the theme song. As you might have already noticed, most (if not all) of 24′s music are electronically created. The show’s opening theme – the one after that accelerating digital countdown, is the most noticeable, albeitContinue Reading

About The Brady Bunch The Brady Bunch is an American television comedy series, which starred Robert Reed and Florence Henderson as Mr. and Mrs. Brady, parents of seven Brady kids. The plot revolved around their very large blended family. The show originally aired from September 26, 1969, to March 8,Continue Reading

What we have here for the theme song of the television series, Gilligan’s Island, are three different and distinct versions. We have a Calypso version for the pilot episode, a different version for the post-pilot first season, and another version for the second and third seasons. We’ll first talk aboutContinue Reading

With complete lyrics For our very first post, the theme to an all-time American television classic, Green Acres. The theme song was actually made for the show, so it was not “outsourced.” There’s no evidence of any working title for it other than the “Green Acres Theme Song.” The songContinue Reading