Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Theme Song

2011 I wanted to get on top of this but I am a little too late. While the original Criminal Minds went through a subtle remix in its theme (which I did not like) and opening sequence (bring back A.J. Cook!), here we are today with the four-episode-old spin-off’s quite-cool theme song. YouTubers are fast [...]

Army Wives Theme Song

Quite confusing, but here goes. The song used for Army Wives, which is also used during promotion is “Far From Here” by Alissa Moreno—a not-that-widely-known American singer-songwriter. “Far From Here” came from her 2008 debut album In Your Wake, which was released on Pi Records—her own record label. Original music for Army Wives (plays during [...]

Criminal Minds Theme Song

Criminal Minds has got one of those unnamed, specially-made-for theme songs. Really, the only piece of information we can find about its theme song is that 87 episodes (2005-2009) of the show’s music is credited to Marc Fantini and Steffan Fantini. In this page is the photo of the two and some other guy. I [...]