Criss Angel Mindfreak Theme Song

2005–present If you do not already know yet, Criss Angel, born Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos, also happens to be a professional musician. In fact, way before Criss Angel Mindfreak, the show, he was half of the industrial duo Angeldust. So, it only makes sense for him to perform his own show’s theme song. The song used [...]

Dog the Bounty Hunter Theme Song

2004-present The theme song is of the same name, “Dog, the Bounty Hunter,” and is part of Ozzy Osbourne’s Prince of Darkness box set album (track 13 in disc three). Although regarded as a compilation album (Price of Darkness), the song was previously unreleased. It was composed by record producer and songwriter Mark Hudson. The [...]

Intervention Theme Song

The Intervention theme song—the one that is actually played at the end of the show, is entitled “Five Steps.” It is performed by an American rock band from Brooklyn, New York called The Davenports, and is from their debut album Speaking of The Davenports. “Five Steps” was composed by their front man, Scott Klass. Intervention [...]