Who’s the Boss? Theme Song

1984–1992 Information regarding this theme song is quite, to say the least, common knowledge, but my aim is to present it to you in a very straightforward and simple manner. Alright, so let’s start. The title of the theme song is “Brand New Life”. The lyrics were written by Martin Cohan and Blake Hunter. They [...]

The Mole Theme Song

2001-2008 The Mole reality show lasted until 2008 but its theme song almost won the 2009 Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music. By the way, as this show is an international franchise, the theme song in question is for the U.S. version, the one aired by ABC. The nearly-award-winning theme song was [...]

Better with You Theme Song

2010 Finally, a proper opening sequence and theme song. Recent, new-school 5-second sequences is making this blog extinct. Better with You is a new romantic comedy series by ABC. It has had good reception and reviews so far and I would bet for a second season. The opening theme song is also entitled “Better With [...]

Detroit 1-8-7 Theme Song

2010 Here are two more posts before I upgrade to WordPress 3.0.3. Detroit 1-8-7 is another cop show on ABC, and it premiered just September of this year. You know for me, if I do not know anything about a show, the only thing that is gonna make me watch it is if there are [...]

Clueless Theme Song

1996–1999 This is for the television series…inspired by the movie. Alright, let’s go retro once again. The theme song for Clueless the series is “Ordinary Girl”, performed by American musician China Forbes. China Forbes is also of the band Pink Martini, but she alone is credited on anything pertaining to the song—this is probably due [...]

My So-Called Life Theme Song

1994–1995 Claire Danes anyone? The theme song for My So-Called Life is called, well, “My So-Called Life Theme” and was composed by W.G. Walden. William Garrett Walden is a known television show composer and his resume includes shows such as The Wonder Years, Felicity, Friday Night Lights, and The West Wing among others. He is [...]

Grey’s Anatomy Theme Song

2005–present Alright, let’s go regular and do one of the most (at least for me) searched, and therefore known, theme songs in television today—the theme song from Grey’s Anatomy. By the way, I really think this series has lost it. The theme song is entitled “Cosy in the Rocket”. It was composed and performed by [...]

Wonder Woman Theme Song

1975–1979 Ah, Lynda Carter at her finest. First, let’s get all our facts straight. The Wonder Woman television series lasted 3 seasons. Its first season was in ABC in 1975. It was oficially called The New Original Wonder Woman. This was probably so because there was a television movie made in 1974 (also for ABC) [...]

The Dating Game Theme Song

Original run: 1965-1986; Syndicated: until 1999 Chances are you might not be familiar with this theme song, but once your hear it, it’ll feel like you’ve known it for a while. The song is very wacky/comedic/fun. Wikipedia elusively lists Steve Kaplan as the original composer—”Later versions … of the original theme by Steve Kaplan.” But [...]

Barney Miller Theme Song

1975-1982 Well, I wasn’t really around when this show aired but I must admit it has got a jammin’ theme song. Barney Miller was a comedy series about NYPD captain Barney Miller and his attempt to keep sane while leading the 12th precinct detectives. It starred Hal Linden as Barney Miller, Ron Glass, Jack Soo, [...]